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Redrunn Skate Shop has been working with city council providing input and planning ideas for the city's upcoming skate park build. We met with Councilman Lafferty in August to share our ideas, streaming consciousness if you will --- and you will! Below is a summary of our many thoughts and ideas we presented.

Super important note before you hit that Skate Park Recommendations button. This is in no way a criticism of other parks or the individuals involved with the parks. This was an opportunity to observe and learn from those who went before us and decide what we do and don't want to do.

Skate Park Updates

January 28, 2023 - Councilman Lafferty gave us an update that the city is preparing to begin the bid process for designing and building our skate park. It looks like we are still on track to break ground in the spring at Eckstein Park.

Mid-December 2022 - we received confirmation from Councilman Lafferty that the skatepark is still planned to break ground in the spring.

February 2023 - we met with Councilman Lafferty to write the RFP (request for proposal) for the design and construction of the skate park. We no longer expect to break ground in the spring, we are looking at late summer/early fall with the park being completed in spring of 2024.

April 2023 - Three companies have submitted renderings and bids. The goal is to break ground late summer/early fall and finish in the spring of 2024!

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