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You want it, we've got it, or we will see what we can do to get it for you. We carry all the best products, the biggest names, and probably a few brands that you didn't know you should love yet. 

Skate Boards

We have a full range of completes, cruisers, longboards, and even Hamboards. Interested in building your own setup, we have so many great decks, trucks, wheels, and grip. We have everything you need, bearings, bushings, riser pads and screws.


We have a great selection of Lucky scooters in sizes ranging from adults/teens, youth, even down to toddlers. We also have a great selection of custom wheels, handle grips, pegs, grip paper. More fun scooter stuff to come soon.

Roller Skates  ~Coming Soon~

We are working hard to have some great roller skate and derby skates and accessories ready for their forever home very soon.

Safety Gear & Backpacks

We have all the safety gear you will need, Helmets and Pads (elbow, wrist, knee). We also have a selection of backpacks for your pads, even backpacks that you can strap your board onto and go!


Wow do we have some great apparel for you, with more being added daily. Long and short sleeved shirts, hoodies, pants, skirts, socks with all kinds of accessories to go with.

Redrunn merchandise - we have a full catalog of Redrunn merchandise to offer you. Load up on your Redrunn t-shirts, hoodies, sweat pants, ski masks, beanies, and hats.

We have so many hoodies and shirts for youth-adults. We have ALL of your favorites like Thrasher, Powell Peralta, Baker, Krooked, Element, Slime Balls, Cariuma, Toy Machine, Birdhouse, Spitfire


We are so excited to be selling Cariuma Skate Shoes ranging in women's 5 all the way to men's 11. Men's extended sizes coming soon. If you have ever tried their shoes on then you know how awesome they are. If you haven't heard of them we highly recommend you check them out. They are an eco-friendly company selling great shoes. Verified by the one and only, Coach Bone Crusher, the shoes have great board feel! Come in and try on a pair today. More sizes and styles are to be in soon!

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