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We are committed to helping our community. We have many initiatives planned but are always looking for more feedback so if you have ideas, let us know. We can't help if we don't know. Contact Us


Dedicated to providing equitable access to the skate community for ALL our neighbors.


Wheels under the feet and passion in the heart of every child in our community.


Equality, Diversity, Inclusion.

Community, Giving, Sharing.

Redrunn Commitments

Flip your Kicks

Coming Soon:   We will be collecting new or gently used shoes of all sizes to be donated to those in need in our community. Come on in and get a fresh new pair of kicks and flip your old kicks into the donation bin.


But wait, there's more ... Because Opus Footwrar is so awesome, they contacted us and said if you buy a pair of Opus shoes, and donate a gently used pair of shoes, Opus will give you one of their shirts!

Look for Opus shoes

at Redrunn in early

August 2023

Park Cleanup

Redrunn is committed to doing skate park clean up twice a year, more often if needed.


On hot summer days expect to find a table of free bottled water out front of Redrunn. Don't be surprised to see us up at the skate park passing out bottled water or with a big jug of Gatorade.

Supply Chain

To further support our community, to the extent possible, we will prioritize our procurement processes to first consider Warren business. We will also give additional consideration to Women owned, Minority owned, Small or Independent businesses, or Macomb County businesses. 

Taking suggestions

Have an idea of how we can help our community, let us know.

Skate Park

We have been working directly with city leadership to ensure skater input is factored into the park design. We are representing you to make sure the park is the best park it can be for our community.


Need an adjustment to your skate trucks, scooter, roller skate wheels? We will have tools out front of the shop for you to fix or tune up your gear at any time. 

Camp Scholarships

We will be issuing specialty boards and doing other fundraisers together with with our non-profit, The Papasian Library for Equality and Inclusion, to raise money to provide skate camp scholarships to kids in need in our community.

Skate Competitions

Thats right folks, when the Warren skate park opens, Redrunn will be there hosting some killer comps.

Safe Space

We want to provide a safe space for our skating community. If ever someone is scared or injured, please feel free to come to Redrunn and hang out until you are ready to get wheels under your feet again.

Skate Equipment

We will be issuing specialty boards and doing other fundraisers to raise money to provide skate equipment to kids in need in our community.

Skate Camp

We are committed to working with the city of Warren to offer summer skate camps at the skate park.

Girl Power

Coming Soon:   We will be working with some extraordinary local female artists to create our own line of boards and clothes for women and girls. For women by women.

Equipment Help

We will have people at Redrunn to help you fix, adjust, or assemble your new roller device.

Water Bottle Fill Stations

We have been writing for grants in hopes of being able to install water bottle filling stations at the soon to be built Warren Skate Park.

Flip your kick
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